A Princess in Theory

Author: Alyssa Cole

ISBN: 9780062685544
Pages: 360
Description: 4.5 Stars

Throughout the first half of this book, I was nervous that I wouldn’t like it that much because it started using the trope i dont like of two people being romantically involved while one of them is lying about their identity. Alongside that, the pace of it was a bit slow and I found I relied on the audiobook to get through it.

But then the last half of this book hit, and I read it all in one sitting devouring every word. Although I was nervous this would just be an okay book based on its first half, the last half redeemed it so much that I ended it pretty much clutching the book to my chest because it was PERFECT! Naledi is such a strong main character who demands the right treatment for herself and the last half she really took control of her life and the plot intensified and this book became steeped in their culture and I loooved it! I almost wish the rest of the books in this series were sequels because I’m dyyyyying for more of their story! But I definitely plan to read more by this author because this book ended up being so fun, feminist, and yet it didn’t take itself too seriously. Great, healthy romance with a diverse cast!
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