A Glimpse of Evil

Author: Victoria Laurie

Pages: 230
Description: While I enjoyed this and it was one of the better books in this series, there’s one thing that drives me nuts in these books. I know I’ve mentioned it in a previous review, but I have to say it again because it’s so prominent in this book. Abby is a psychic. Her “crew” warns her about impending doom. She lives her life trusting her gut above all. In this book, she specifically mentions training the other agents to learn to trust their gut. So why, WHY does she ignore the warnings she gets or dismiss her gut feelings?! Every single time she does this, she ends up in trouble. I get that there would be no plot if the entire book consisted of “Abby has a feeling that bad things will happen so she avoids the situation” but it just seems so dumb! It makes her seem dumb! And why do her friends, who are so sure of her abilities, not trust her when she tells them things?! And why is a PSYCHIC so oblivious to what’s in front of her face? No spoiler, but it’s very obvious what Dutch is up to and Abby, the PSYCHIC, never figures it out and just shrugs everything off. I’d love to see her be smarter and less self-involved.
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