Of Roses and Lily

Author: Ali Abbass

Description: The book is clearly written by somebody who has massive faith in the ‘wondrous ability of man’. It advocates idealism against materialism, essence against abundance and is deeply religious in spirit with notable references to Quranic / Biblical themes of creation of Adam from clay, the soul’s superiority over reason and the Hereafter’s precedence over temporal world terming the latter as mere mirage in comparison to the former’s oasis. The poet believes in liberty from constricting societal norms, promotes the individuality that springs from it, expresses disregard for the earthly life in favor of the eternal one and looks forward fondly to death as his deliverer; there are frequent mystic elements scattered all over the book, most notable of which is a poem titled ‘Bridge’ which talks of the toil that needs to be put in to overcome doubts surrounding conscious, real faith. In addition to all this, the book also presents the most complete and beautiful definition of ‘Passion’ I’ve ever read.

What is it we call passion

but a mere tinkling of the heart

that summons forth waves of effluence

which engulf, obliterate and surmount

all barriers through acquiescence raised

against the wondrous ability of man.
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